GL3  Portable Approach Path Indicator for Dusk/Night

15Km range *  Hand Portable  *  For Helicopter and Fixed Wing  *  3 minute setup










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April 2016


A single weatherproof unit houses 2 single colour projectors,  synchronised to produce 3 indications which are visible to approaching aircraft : HIGH, CORRECT and LOW signals relative to the chosen glide slope. 

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Detachable weather protection shroud keeps sight glass clear of contamination.

The indication protocol is factory set and uses combinations of RED and WHITE signals.  This is simple and easy to follow with clear un-ambiguous  transitions. The signal appears a single bright light.  Intensity can be altered and selected via a 3 position switch.

The angle of the beam is adjusted electrically & controlled by a switch. The angle is indicated by an LED display. The range of adjustment is from 3 deg. to 16 deg. in 0.1 degree increments. 2 sensors detect and measure the angle of :

a) the projector assembly & beam angle
b) the complete assembly relative to 0 deg. This is a 'tilt' system that disables the unit if the level is disturbed. Minor vibration or temporary movements do not deactivate the system.

No calibration or maintenance is required except for scheduled checks and the unit contains no user serviceable parts. Lamps have a service life of over 40000 hours. An on-board heater and drier prevents misting on the lens surface. Long term storage in normal indoor conditions will have no adverse effects. All bearings are lubricant free. The sight glass does not require special treatment & can be cleaned with water and a clean cloth.


The unit can be switched on in 'standby' mode, which operates the lens demisting heater and turns on the level circuits.

Power consumption is only one quarter of full lighting mode. When the lamps are switched on they activate immediately.


The GL3 is a battery powered portable approach path indicator, designed for rapid field deployment from improvised landing sites. Minimal training is required for setup and the unit is ideal for Home Defence and Disaster Management.

...............Night brightness and accuracy is comparable to fixed airport systems such as PAPI or APAPI

The device is housed in a 6mm. thick aluminium case which is sealed for life and is capable of accepting very rough treatment. The lens aperture is thoroughly shielded to prevent physical damage and prevents rain, snow or mist from settling on the glass. The operating switches are fully recessed and protected from damage. Water/dust proofing is to IP67.

Although rugged, the GL3 is a precision instrument that does not compromise portability for accuracy.

The beam angle is instantly adjustable


The lighting head, along with its accessories, is compact & strong enough to fit in a shoulder bag but is normally packed in small Peli-Case . see  KIT OPTIONS

Standard Kit

Add-on Compass and clinometer for obstacle clearance